The Valley's Regional Comprehensive Plan

Five local municipalities have joined forces to create a regional comprehensive plan. Halifax Borough, and the townships of Halifax, Jefferson, Rush and Wayne have formed The Valleys Regional Comprehensive Planning Committee (VRCPC.)

The goal of this cooperative effort is to create a general land use guide that encompasses the group’s combined area of 93 square miles. Each municipality has adopted by ordinance an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement, which sets forth the parameters and operating procedures for the Committee.

This regional project is in the early stages and has secured the state and county grant money needed to engage an engineering firm to serve as consultant for the work. Following a lengthy selection process by the committee that included a request for proposals, the review of all submissions, and a number of interviews, the Camp Hill firm of Rettew was selected as the consultant for the project.

A comprehensive plan is basically comprised of three parts: Phase I, Basic Studies, which includes compiling data and statistics relative to the area as it exists now (natural resources, demographic features, existing land use, traffic patterns, etc.); Phase II, Plan Development, which includes establishing a series of goals and objectives, received primarily through public participation. This forms the basis for planning the future development of the area; and Phase III, Implementation, which includes a priority listing of necessary improvement elements and recommendations for methods and ordinances to carry out the plan.

Citizen input and participation is critical to this plan. A process involving varied information gathering techniques - surveys, public meetings, interviews, etc. - will be developed in cooperation with borough and township officials to collect input from area residents and landowners during Phase 1 and Phase 2.

In the upcoming months, the selected consultant (Rettew) will work in conjuction with the Committee to conduct surveys, hold public meetings and compile facts and statistics for the plan. Residents and citizens are urged to complete and return surveys. All VRCPC meetings are open to residents of the participating municipalities, so please watch for meeting notifications and make plans to attend. Bring your friends and neighbors.

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